Nudge those indecisive prospects BACK to you!

Nudge those indecisive prospects BACK to you!

In an ideal world, you’d love for every person that visits your website to accept what you have to offer and not have to shop around elsewhere. However, we all know this is never the case, and prospects will naturally visit multiple dentist websites, and do some comparisons before making an executive decision.

So… how do you get the advantage over your competitors?

The Facebook Pixel

Please allow me to introduce to you the Facebook Pixel, which is just a small piece of code that lies within your website but has a huge significance when nudging prospects that are sitting on the fence, back to your website.

So what exactly does this Facebook Pixel do?

In a nutshell, it tracks people that visit your website and records particular actions that your website visitors perform, whether they decide to book a Consultation, fill out an Enquiry form, or apply for a Payment Plan.

But that’s not the best part. If your prospects are googling who to go to for their Invisalign treatment, and they’re visiting loads of websites to see who they feel is best for them, they’re going to have so many options to choose from.

Here comes the magic

Imagine your prospect has spent ages on Google and visiting numerous websites, ALL promoting Invisalign services… and during their break, they open their Facebook and they see YOUR Facebook Ad for Invisalign, and it includes a Special Offer if they take action immediately.

Do you think they’re more inclined to book with you now, rather than all the other Dentists that they spent ages googling? We believe so too!

Okay, it’s not really magic… we call this Retargeting, simply because the majority of your cold prospects naturally want to seek the best options for them, and whilst they’re spoiled for choice, you can get the advantage over your competitors with this type of marketing.

Numbers do NOT lie

The Facebook Pixel also allows you can access important metrics like Page Views, Conversions, Leads and Submit Application, which can help you shape your next marketing move. The data/numbers you attain from your website’s Facebook Pixel can certainly give you insights into how effective your general marketing is.

Find MORE of your favourite Patients

And finally, the ultimate feature: How would you feel about finding more of your ideal Patients that book in higher-paying treatments with your practice? This is another awesome feature about the Facebook Pixel… you can create specific Target Audiences, BASED on the characteristics of your recent converted website visitors!

Yes, you read that right. Let’s say your website’s Facebook Pixel recorded 100 successful Invisalign applications… you can certainly set up a campaign to search for more new patients that match the same demographics as your existing patients. This is how you get more of your favourite Patients.


Even if at this moment in time, you don’t have any active Social Media Ads, you can still install the Facebook Pixel into your website and just let it collect data until when you are ready to launch your Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Oh… did we forget to mention the Facebook Pixel is completely FREE and is relatively easy to install, especially if you have a WordPress website.


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