How to snoop on your nearest competitors’ Facebook Ads

You know you give amazing service and top quality dental work on your patients. You post content on your Facebook and Instagram regularly too.

So how is it they’re snatching all the online bookings and consultations?

Let’s see what their Facebook Ads look like

In 3 easy steps, you can view your competitors’ Facebook Ads to see exactly how they’ve designed their Ads, what they have written in those Ads, and whether they’ve used a Video or an Image (or both).

Step 1

Using a desktop or laptop, visit Facebook’s Ad Library or enter this link into your URL:

Step 2

Type in your Competitor’s business name (or any keywords), into the Search field, and click on the result you’re looking for.
For this example, we’re going to type in “MiSmile UK

Step 3

Tap on the “All ads” button, and it will reveal their current Ads where you can see what their Ads look like, how long they’ve been running them for, what sort of Ad Creatives they’re using, and what platforms they’re utilising.

It may even be useful to know other information that is also transparent, such as:

  • number of Facebook Likes
  • number of Instagram followers
  • when they created their Facebook Page
  • how many times they’ve changed their name


This method is used commonly used by Marketers when doing extensive research for their clients, and I hope this will be a useful tip for when you design your Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Go get those bookings!


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