The new CLUBHOUSE app and how it can help you grow as a Dentist

Oh no, not another Social Media app that you probably won’t have time to use… after all, you still haven’t uploaded your first Tik Tok video, despite downloading the app 2 years ago. So what makes this Clubhouse app any different?

Well, you’re going to be ultimately surprised with this new kid on the block.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a “Drop-in Audio” only app, meaning that you can’t actually text nor DM fellow Clubhouse members, which is a revelation as this promotes authenticity as well as reduce Spammers and Trolls.
Essentially, it’s a social platform that promotes genuine verbal conversations and discussions with fellow Clubhouse members and even popular Celebrities like Elon Musk, Gary V, and Drake to name a few.

One of its many appeals is that you can join rooms of any Topic Discussion that aligns with your interests, beliefs, business and more. You can be 1 of 3 things when inside your desired room: a member of the audience, a Speaker on the stage, or a Room Moderator.

Being in the audience just allows you to listen in on those that are on the stage talking, and you can “raise your hand” to notify the Room Moderator that you wish to approach the stage and speak. This is great for Live Q&As and AMAs.

How does this help me as a Dentist?

Well, imagine being able to connect and collaborate with fellow dental professionals that are the missing jigsaw piece to your success, or be a “fly on the wall” when listening to those that are living your dream right now and being able to pick their brains in realtime?
Or, if you are someone of great influence and you wish to grow your following, then establishing your expertise on Clubhouse right now is a great way to gain quality followers and even business leads.

How do I become a member of Clubhouse?

Ah, this is where Clubhouse really shines. To gain access into the Clubhouse, an existing member has to invite you in… and Invites are limited to just ONE when you first join Clubhouse. This scarcity method has really made members careful about who they choose to send their Invite to.

If you’re wondering if this is all worth the hype, let me tell you that there are people selling their Invites on eBay.

You can earn more Invites by being proactive in rooms, creating rooms and co-moderating rooms.

At the time of writing, the Clubhouse app is limited to iPhone and iPad only, and to receive an Invite, you and the person that will be inviting must have each other’s contact details stored in each other’s device, as Clubhouse will scan this to prove you both are real connections.

My current experience and insights with Clubhouse

I’ve only been loosely using the app since mid-December, but it is trending massively and right now it is at the “Early-Adopters” stage, where it is an ideal time to really showcase your expertise as well as make impactful connections.

I have personally listened in on experts that are Dental Practice brokers giving amazing tips on how to Buy, Build, and Sell Dental Practices. I’ve also had the pleasure of sharing then stage with influential Dental Marketers and make friends with Dentists across the world.

How does Citrine fit into all of this?

We are in the works of planning to schedule 3 Broadcasts on Clubhouse through our new Club: The Smile High Club, where I will be hosting live rooms providing dental marketing tips, website evaluations and guest discussions on important topics that our audience would enjoy a Q&A with.

Exciting times ahead!


I believe that it’s current popularity is globally accepted despite being just limited to iPhone and iPad… I can imagine it taking the world by storm when it rolls out for Android users. However, now is a great time to really get into the Clubhouse app, especially as it is still exploring and trialing new features regularly to make the experience even more enticing.

If you’re reading this, and I have won you over into joining the Clubhouse, I have 5 Invites that I had saved from my current work in there and if you’d like for me to give you one, simply get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to connect and induct you into the Clubhouse.