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Dental Marketing / April 8, 2021

Why it’d be wise to create a mould of your best Patients

Marketing 101 – KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE… and the same can be said for dental professionals; KNOW YOUR PATIENTS. A common mistake seen with dental practices is they try to cater for every type of patient, and whilst this is noble to hear, the result tends to open doors to “bad patients” that can negatively impact your performance and the business…

Dental Branding, Dental Marketing / March 10, 2021

The new CLUBHOUSE app and how it can help you grow as a Dentist

Oh no, not another Social Media app that you probably won’t have time to use… after all, you still haven’t uploaded your first Tik Tok video, despite downloading the app 2 years ago. So what makes this Clubhouse app any different? Well, you’re going to be ultimately surprised with this new kid on the block. What is Clubhouse? Clubhouse is…

Dental Marketing, Social Media Ads / February 24, 2021

How to snoop on your nearest competitors’ Facebook Ads

You know you give amazing service and top quality dental work on your patients. You post content on your Facebook and Instagram regularly too. So how is it they’re snatching all the online bookings and consultations? Let’s see what their Facebook Ads look like In 3 easy steps, you can view your competitors’ Facebook Ads to see exactly how they’ve…

Dental Marketing, Websites and Sales Funnels / February 16, 2021

Nudge those indecisive prospects BACK to you!

In an ideal world, you’d love for every person that visits your website to accept what you have to offer and not have to shop around elsewhere. However, we all know this is never the case, and prospects will naturally visit multiple dentist websites, and do some comparisons before making an executive decision. So… how do you get the advantage…

Dental Marketing / January 31, 2021

Dentists lie. Practice Managers lie. Numbers DON’T lie.

Occasionally, during my Discovery Calls with my clients, I ask them “What’s the conversion rate of your Inbound Leads?”, or “How many of your website visitors are clicking on your Call-to-Actions?” And usually there is an awkward silence. It’s actually okay… not many Principle Dentists nor Practice Managers are expected to know these exact numbers. However, if you did know…

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