Image Ads vs Video Ads – we have a clear winner!

15 Feb 2021 / by Thomas Lee in Social Media Ads

Your next Invisalign, Dental Implants or any Cosmetic Treatment booking is just one Lead away… but, which of your social media Ad Creatives is bringing you the most Leads into your pipeline: your Image Ads or your Video Ads?

The Test

We scheduled a Facebook (and Instagram) campaign for 7 days, and designed two Ads to promote bookings for Invisalign consultations.
One was a still image Ad, primarily showing a Before and After comparison, and the other was a 20s video showing the same Before and After comparison (with some close-ups shots).

Both Ads had the same Colour styling, Fonts used and Call-to-Action, which was an integrated Opt-in Form in both Facebook and Instagram.

To determine the outcome of this test, we based our decision on important metrics, such as:

  • Link Clicks
  • CPM – cost per 1000 impressions
  • CPC – Cost per click
  • CTR – % of viewers that clicked on the Ad
  • Leads – number of Facebook Forms submitted
  • CPL – Cost per Lead
  • Amount Spent

The Results

Link Clicks = 116
CPM = £2.75
CPC = £0.08
CTR = 3.57%
Leads = 23
CPL = £1.27
Amount Spent = £29.16

Link Clicks = 150
CPM = £3.02
CPC = £0.04
CTR = 7.14%
Leads = 40
CPL = £0.50
Amount Spent = £20.10


Right away you can see that the Video Ad had much more Link Clicks, with each click costing HALF of what the Image Ad was costing, and DOUBLE the CTR%. Other clear metrics shows the Video Ad bringing in almost TWICE as many Leads, and costing almost 3 TIMES cheaper (per Lead) compared to the Image Ad.

We can conclude that the Video Ad is the WINNER of this battle, based on our own Testing… however we must stress that this is NOT instructing any Dental Business to only post Video Ads, and on other Ad Creative type.

We strongly believe that having BOTH as part of your social media marketing will cover broader audience types and preferences, providing results that Video alone itself cannot generate.